Angry Robots!

Coming soon to a 68k Macintosh near you, Angry Robots! is a tile-based puzzle game for almost all 68k and PPC macs, from Macintosh Plus onward! Help Matilda the robot battle her way through the lab of the Angry Robots and rescue her beloved Max who has been sent for retirement.

The target system for the game is a stock Macintosh Plus, but the game will run on any newer 68k or PPC Mac. The game will run in black and white or colour, depending on your system’s capabilities.

Download the Angry Robots! demo now!

(Or visit on your old Mac to view an old-net compatible version of this website with a download link)

The playable demo of Angry Robots! contains 12 levels, and showcases the gameplay elements you can expect to see in the final release. The download contains a disk image, which is bootable in your favourite 68k Macintosh emulator, as well as a StuffIt archive for use on real hardware.

Check out the Kickstarter!